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eCommerce • website DESIGN + management •BRANDING • product line development • social media

FOX LANE MARKET | North Dallas, TX | Shopify eCommerce website for women's fashion I owned and operated for 2 years.  The product line included 5 collections: clothing, accessories, jewelry, bridal and lingerie with 500 products and over 1500 variants. I designed the website and developed the branding, managed inventory and orders, as well as social media email and video campaigns.

I specialize in website design for both Shopify and WIX platforms, recognizing that each serves unique purposes tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Shopify's robust eCommerce platform excels for larger companies seeking expansive online stores. Conversely, WIX is continuously enhancing its design functionality and is an excellent choice for smaller companies desiring a streamlined website, especially those with limited product lines or service offerings.

Both platforms offer well-designed interfaces that facilitate seamless ownership transfer and efficient development and design management. Additionally, they provide comprehensive features, such as built-in sales channels, customer segmentation, and email automations to improve your business operations and customer engagement.

Throughout my journey in website design, I've had the privilege of receiving positive feedback from both clients and industry professionals. Notably, members of the Shopify team who commended my work, likening my website to those of larger clothing companies and acknowledging the professional design. This validation speaks to my commitment to deliver visually stunning and well-organized websites that stand out.

Let's collaborate to bring your vision to life and create an online presence that truly resonates with your audience.

JCREATIVE-DESIGN Fox Lane Market Website Design Project Logo Mockup Image
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Fox Lane Market Website Design Project Branding Retail Tag Mockup Image
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Fox Lane Market Website Design Project Branding Ad Image
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