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RESIN  RESOURCE INC. | Irving, TX | Graphic design for a resin distribution company located in Irving, TX with warehouses nationwide.  Designed company's Supplier Line Card, a 2-Page Brochure and PDF, as well as  a company characteristics "badge" to use on marketing materials. Established Digital Content Management (DCM) through the utilization of Google Workspace to build a structured database for storing and updating supplier data instantly and sharing design related documents.  Also, recreated their Logo Lockup and Logo Variations in order to for them to have high quality original artwork, as well as a proposed new, modern logo.

Truck Driving by Lake


Digital art exhibit
Filling Out a Form


RR-LOGO-MOCKUP-Full Logo Design-031824.png



This logo concept includes elements from the company's prior design for continuity. Using a similar style of font that offers a condensed alternative for the 2nd word allows it to be justified and grounds the company name. 

It actually simplifies, yet strengthens the company vibe. The bolder, elongated characters represent "a wide range of resin products". While the bits represent resin pieces. The forward movement of the R on the background serves to illustrate delivery and distribution. 

This modern font and compact icon represent resourcefulness, reliability and a service-oriented approach to business.

That is what Resin Resource is all about!


Brand Collateral 'CARRIES THE BRAND' by echoing your brand identity, message and voice.  When designed in a visually appealing and consistent way, brand collateral creates a positive impression about your company and its' capabilities to deliver products and services building trust with your customers.

Marketing Materials 'DELIVER THE DATA' - an important tool for your business and sales team that provides important information and delivers your value proposition.  From printed materials like catalogues, flyers and brochures to digital content like blog posts, info graphics, videos and social media posts.  All used to engage your visitors + customers to entertain, inform, inspire or convince.  


JCREATIVE-DESIGN provides graphic design of website and marketing materials to ensure that your content reflects your brand + targets ideal customers.

New promotional materials will often generate a positive impact within your organization:

       Ignite a Newfound Belief in the Company

       Put Teams on the Same Page

       Boost Staff Ownership

Brand Collateral is an essential part of a successful marketing plan.  JCREATIVE-DESIGN understands the need for your marketing to be unique, memorable and stand out from the competition. That's why personalized solutions are tailored to your specific business and industry. 

Tailored to Your Business


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