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RITCHIE PROPERTIES | Oklahoma City, OK | Ritchie Properties is a real estate company that originally requested  graphic design for signage.  The project expanded to include a premier an eye-catching brand identity, logo, tagline, business cards and interactive Real Estate Services and Property Listings PDF. Now, the company's branding and marketing collateral represents who they are and what they do. The About Us PDF provides an introduction to the business, policies, application guidelines and utility information.


The Initial Consultation of projects often determines areas of a client's business that needs work in web and graphic design. As a Graphic Designer, I look at ways to improve and incorporate better client work flow by thoughtfully considering how your company operates and what its' goals are.  I value my clients and enjoy helping them become more efficient and profitable, as well as creating a unique brand impression that is memorable and sets them apart from their competitors.


During the project, consideration is taken when developing branding or marketing content, including your company's mission and goals.  It is important to design branding materials that are more adaptive and responsive to potential growth, as it can save my clients dollars down the road!

JCREATIVE-DESIGN Project Ritchie Properties PDF Cover Image

Interactive Real Estate Rental PDF | The pdf began as a website mockup for their Branding presentation. It transformed into a 14-page, interactive "ABOUT US" PDF document for prospective renters submitting an application. This marketing piece provides an upbeat introduction setting the tone of their business with prospective renters. The PDF Index links to: Cover, Index, About Us, Services, Experts, The Path to Home Living, Property Listing Highlight, Latest Listings, Furry Friends Policy, Application Ready, Contact Us, Utilities, Security, and Thank You pages.

Business Card + Brand Pattern | The business card is accented with the roofline pattern. The blue accent complements the green adding a vibrant pop of color to the brand color palette.

JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Business Card Mockup on a Bulletin Board Image
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Pattern Design Lime Green Example Image 01
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Logo Design Image

The owners detailed elements wanted for the logo design: their lifestyle, passions, and of course, rental property business. The newly designed logo blends the owners' energies into a great design that is versatile for future growth. The roofline pattern and pine tree for residential rentals / BNB properties; an outdoorsy vibrant color palette for signage and collateral; and tagline that integrates with the path/creek icon echoing their company mission, "The Path to Home Living".

After finalizing the icon design, I searched for specific fonts that integrated well with their brand identity, industry, and brand mark/icon. The RITCHIE PROPERTIES block style font has a nice weight for signage readability and slanting characteristic mirroring the roofline in the icon. It's important to incorporate the business owner's vision while following design aesthetics. When you put your heart and soul into your work, it is a large part of your life and in this logo design is clearly reflected. Your "brand" should be memorable and make a good impression on your prospective clients or customers.

JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Logo Design Scalable Identity Example Image
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Logo Design Color Palette Design Image
JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Signage Design For Lease Sign

SIGNAGE | The design is modern, and high legible with a new logo design that represents their company and sets them apart from competitors. The primary objective for the signage was visibility and incorporating a large block style font that reads well from a distance. Additionally, this 24 x 36 inch real estate yard sign can be made with an interchangable top section: "AVAILABLE" "COMING SOON" or "OPEN HOUSE", etc.

JCREATIVE-DESIGN Ritchie Properties Pattern Design Lime Green Example Image 02
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