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JCREATIVE-DESIGN captures love in motion with beautifully customized wedding and anniversary slideshow videos reflecting your unique love as a couple.

My passion for graphic design began from editing sports photos and producing sports team slideshows for my children's high school and college teams. You can check out my humble beginnings on my YouTube link, if you would like ideas for your own.


This page showcases anniversary and wedding slideshows that I have produced for family members. Every time I do a slideshow, I fall in love with each person all over again. There is a lot to be said about the sentimental value + emotions that video can stir. When the audience and bride + groom start crying, I know that I've done a good job. ;)

While my focus is on website design + branding, if I am in between projects, I will accept requests for wedding slideshows.


Wedding Embrace


purely photographic 

The Purely Photographic slideshow style focuses on the photography with transitions that can range from predominantly soft Ken Burns panning + zooming effects to dynamic After Effects  motion graphics and visual effects.  

Customized Layouts + OVERLAYS 

The Customized Layouts + Overlays slideshow style add layers of graphics or text. You may choose a simple elegant Overlay Style that is more neutral, like in the video BREATHE @ 4:17.  Or, a Customized Layout Style echoing your wedding theme. 


During the initial chat, we'll talk about your vision, style preferences and the feelings you would like to portray.  Your photos and music will also provide inspiration for your video and spark ideas!



Customized photo layouts blend various types of images together so the video looks more cohesive and adds a unique twist for telling your story!


For  PARA SIEMPRE,  lyrics were displayed in Spanish + English, then timed with the song in an artistic way.  This special element tugged at all the heart strings making it feel even more powerfully romantic!

A nod to your wedding's theme, floral design and colors can be woven into your presentation. The burst of colors and changing backgrounds maintain your guest's interest through each slide transition and creates a beautiful look.


video memoir.

You may find family members mention your sideshow years later because it creates a powerful, emotional connection to you and the event!  They will fall in love with you as a couple and individually, all over again adding to the spirit of the event! 

Video + Audio clips can be mixed into your presentation with overdubbing - like video of the proposal or audio portions of Love Letters read for each other.


Celebrate the finer moments of life and showcase your love with a romantic slideshow for wedding, rehearsal or anniversary event. From simple photos + video clips with dynamic transitions to artistic background layouts, all designed to reflect your lifestyle, love or theme of the event. 


Dedicated production and design to ensure your photos are timed with the soundtrack to capture genuine emotions that are romantic, heartfelt, or humorous.


JCREATIVE-DESIGN wedding slideshow background


2 Songs

Slideshow Title Page Layout

Photo Based

Panning + Movement


Vimeo + USB

Rustic Walnut or Crystal USB


2 Songs

Slideshow Title Page Layout

Teaser Loop (6 Images @ 10 sec) 

1 Song - 12x12 Engagement Layouts

1 Song - Per Request

Panning + Movement

Advanced Transitions

Vimeo + USB

Rustic Walnut or Linen Box + USB 

w/ Mini Engagement Layouts


3 Songs

Slideshow Title Page Layout

Teaser Loop (12 Images @ 5 sec) 

Photo Editing • Touchup

1 Song - 12x12 Engagement Layouts

2 Songs - Per Request

Panning + Movement

Video Clips

Advanced Transitions

Vimeo + USB

Rustic Walnut or Linen Box + USB 

w/ Mini Engagement Layouts

Wedding Day


I would love to create a slideshow for your big day!


Which Package Are You Interested In?

Thanks for your inquiry!

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