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social media + website Management

PETS RETURN HOME | Cottonwood, AZ | An Animal Shelter providing dog behavior rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary.  Volunteer position for graphic design, social media and website management. Focused on strengthening brand awareness through social media posts, promotion of adoption events, to increase Facebook followers and improve community engagement and awareness.  Served as a liaison between rescues and rescue organizations for The High Desert Wolves Rescue in October of 2018. The largest rescue of its' kind by independent rescues that saved 200 wolfdogs and nordic breed dogs. 

READ MORE about the inspiring High Desert Wolves Rescue below.


Raising Brand Awareness helps build your Following + Community. Social Media is an important way to build and strengthen your online presence with these four primary components: • MEMBERSHIP • INFLUENCE • FULFILLMENT OF NEEDS • EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Pets Return Home uses its' Facebook group to effectively build its' unique community. They routinely provide information about the rescue, stories about their animals, its' day-to-day operations and events, inspiration, training/education, entertaining posts, as well as polarizing, rescue related posts about events and opinions. All of this combined has brought people together who identify with their organization about common interests, opinions, values and passions - the love of animals and their welfare. Pictured Right: Rose, a deaf Sanctuary dog, taking a scenic break with a volunteer.

PETS RETURN HOME - Sanctuary - Rosie Ins
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BRAND community

Rivoting the interest of thousands of animal lovers - Pets Return Home joined Apex Protection Project, Plan B for Wolves, along with a number of other independent animal rescues to rescue over 200 wolfdogs and northern breeds from a breeding facility in Northern California that was dismally close to being shut down by the county. The county originally gave the team six days to transfer and transport as many of the animals as they could. Otherwise, those left would be euthanized. Plan B for Wolves effectively met with legislators to extend this period allowing this network of rescues to save them all from euthanasia. The High Desert Wolves Rescue mission received press on both national and local tv generating an enormous influx of phone call inquiries at Pets Return Home, who agreed to take on all the mothers and puppies. Volunteers lined up to give the puppies and mothers love to ease the stress from transport, as well as daily feeding, cleaning, walking and medical care. It was exhilarating for the entire Pets Return Home community to watch this polarizing issue unfold, bringing the group closer together, while the rescue team worked passionately to pull off this enormous project. Every peg in the rescue mission was critically important, making the mission a complete success. All 200 wolfdogs were saved from emminent euthenasia thanks to the rescue volunteers, transport teams, along with the coordination of adoptions through the individual rescues. As a volunteer involved in The High Desert Wolves Rescue, I served as a primary liason between rescues for PRH, screened phone calls to recruit volunteers, potential adopters and landed a lead from a rescue who had recently closed his facility and offered to take many of the remaining dogs which helped facilitate the success of the rescue in this very urgent and limited timeframe. I also sourced new staff volunteers and implemented a website scheduling app for volunteers and staff which freed up a large segment of the owners time, due to the size of his rescue doubling. PICTURED LEFT: A rescued wolfdog who was adopted by a PRH Volunteer.


Mark Happe sets the bar when it comes to pet rescue, animal rehabilitation and sanctuary. He has built an exceptional facility to support dogs that are considered unadoptable. His passion for the rescue and the dogs is shown by his genuine care and day-to-day tasks that go beyond shelter and food. Many of his rescues live with him in a pack improving their social skills and adoptability. He will also take many of them walking on the grounds or swimming in the nearby river, along with training activities. He has a loyal following and volunteer network. 


I offered to provide social media management, designing and scheduling daily activities and event posts. I honed in on strengthening his online brand presence by designing headers, posts and event digital posters. The branding resonated on his Facebook and Instagram which improved post interactions, as well as an uptick in following and volunteers.

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